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On this page you will find the index (list of names) for the Cowgill Family Genealogy. You can click on the (colored) name you are looking for (it is listed in order) and it will bring you to the page you need. (The ones listed in red are my line)

?? Cowgill
John &

John Cowgill
, Henry & Eleazer

Ralph Cowgill

Abraham Cowgill

Thomas Cowgill
Jane, Ezekiel, & Thomas Jr.

Henry Cowgill
Henry Jr. & John

Henry Jr. Cowgill
James & Thomas

James Cowgill
John, Lemuel Crew & Israel
(Lemuel and Israel lines are listed farther down)
(Eleazer Cowgill is the next Colum you want to go to followed by Daniel Cowgill)

Eleazer Cowgill

Elisha Cowgill
Ewing & Elisha Jr.

Ewing Cowgill
Valentine, James Alexander & Daniel (continued next line over)

Valentine Cowgill
Granville W., James A. & David E.

Granville W. Cowgill
William Valentine, James Craig, Louis McCallin, Francis Marion

Louis McCallin Cowgill
Granville Webster

James Alexander Cowgill
John Marshall, Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell Cowgill
Ira Vorhees

Ira Vorhees Cowgill
Hannah Mary

Hannah Mary Cowgill
Judith Lynn Overholtz






Daniel Cowgill
Lucinda, Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Cowgill
James Thomas & LaRoy Benjamin (Roy)

James Thomas Cowgill
Clinton Thomas

Clinton Thomas Cowgill
Albert Thomas, Wanda May, Gerald Clinton & Terrence Lynn

Albert Thomas Cowgill
Charity Crystal, Christopher Thomas, Leslie Adam, Faith LaDawn, Patrick Michael & Hope Joy

Wanda May Cowgill
Wanda June, Pamela, Lester O'Neal Jr.

Wanda June Langston
Jeffery, Justin, Jessica

Pamela Quinn
Dawayne, Steven Jr., Jamie & Danielle

Gerald Clinton Cowgill
Cantonia & Timothy

Terrence Lynn Cowgill
Jason Terrence, Jacquelyn Nicole, Heather Marie, Jeremy Elvis

LaRoy Benjamin (Roy) Cowgill
Luella Mae & Benny Leroy (Sr.)

Benny Leroy Cowgill Sr.
Benny Leroy Jr.

Benny Leroy Cowgill Jr.
Althea, Benny Leroy III, Cristina, Melissa

Lemuel Crew Cowgill
Rev. Joel

Rev. Joel Cowgill
Solon Palmer, Ora Dell, Henry, J William, Elizabeth Bell, Joel Frank & Lavina Evangeline

Solon Palmer Cowgill
Ada Mae, Joel, Ester Rae

Ada Mae Cowgill
Dorothy Maxine Ligatle

Joel Cowgill
Edward, Alma Jean, Ross, & Joseph Richard

Ora Dell Cowgill
Jenny J. Downs, Lela Ruth Downs & George Edward Downs

Jenny J. Downs
Forrest Cadwallader

 Joel Frank Cowgill
Glen & Mary Dawn

Glen Cowgill





Israel Cowgill
Salathiel, Alonzo, Jesse, & Endley J.

(Jesse Cowgill is listed below)

Salathiel Cowgill
Leroy Edmond

Leroy Edmond Cowgill
Ruth Namoi & Eugene Salathiel

Ruth Namoi Cowgill
Robert Kenneth Pattison & Betty Jean Pattison

Robert Kenneth Pattison
Richard Larry Pattison

Richard Larry Pattison
Donna Kay Pattison & Stephen Pattison

Eugene Salathiel Cowgill
Aileen Ann & Lois Jean

Endley J. Cowgill
James Henry, Samuel Roy, Daisy M. & Robert Elmer

James Henry Cowgill
Mary Charlotte & Ledis

Robert Elmer Cowgill
Robert Elmer Jr. & James Edward

Robert Elmer Cowgill Jr.
Robert Edward

James Edward Cowgill
Patricia Dyann & Janet Kay

Jesse Cowgill
Clarence Orestes, Ernest, William Endley, Sarah Elizabeth, James Benjamin Curtis, Robert Lee & Julia

Clarence Orestes Cowgill
Ralph Orestes, Harold Guy, Ruth Etta & Clarence Orville

Ralph Orestes Cowgill
Lois Eileen & D'arlene Faye

Lois Eileen Cowgill
Max Ralph Georgi

D'arlene Faye Cowgill
Aaron Alan Craycroft & Eric Alan Craycroft

Harold Guy Cowgill
Mary Estelle

Mary Estelle Cowgill
Charles Richard Smith

Ruth Etta Cowgill
Clarence Lee Nichols, Florence Aileen Nichols & Thomas Aldridge Nichols

Florence Aileen Nichols
Sandra Jane Byers, Franklin Hayes Byers Jr., Janet Lynn Byers, Stephen Jerold Byers

Sandra Jane Byers
Kristina Anne Paine

Clarence Orville Cowgill
Col. Claiborne Wade & Joann Susan

Col. Claiborne Wade Cowgill
Charles Mack Ward Jr., Major Linda Carol, Harlan Clyde Ward, Pamela Mae & Nancy Ellen

Major Linda Carol Cowgill
Ira Neal Locke

Harlan Clyde Ward Cowgill
Brian David Ward

Joann Susan
Teresa Sue Handley, William John Barwick, Mary Joann Handley, Robin Carroll Handley & Bruce Clinton Handley

Jesse Cowgill Continued...

Ernest Cowgill
William McMillan

William Endley Cowgill
Harvey Endly, Arthur Benjamin & Raymond G.

Harvey Endly Cowgill
Beulah M., Clarabel Lee, Gareth Eugene & Erma Marlene

Beulah M. Cowgill
Pamela Jean Winterbauer

Clarabel Lee Cowgill
Lynn Allen Shaffer

Gareth Eugene Cowgill
Gregory Franklin & Lori Lynn

Raymond G. Cowgill

Sarah Elizabeth Cowgill
Chester Lawrence Wickline, Earl Wesley Wickline & Verna Marie Wickline

Chester Lawrence Wickline
Dorothy Ellen Wickline, Betty Jane Wickline, John Edward Wickline, Charles William Wickline, Donna Jean Wickline, Mamie Ethel Wickline, Robert Lee Wickline, Maris June Wickline & Karen Sue Wickline

Dorothy Ellen Wickline
Linda Lou Leek, Jo Ellen Leek & Carolyn Sue Leek

Betty Jane Wickline
Carol Louise Church & Albert Dean Church III

James Benjamin Curtis Cowgill
Curtis James Jr. & Vera June

Curtis James Cowgill Jr.
Curtis James III

Julia Cowgill
Roy Rozzell, Viola Rozzell, George Marshall Rozzell & Russell Newton Rozzell

NOTE: The names listed here are only the ones that have information. If no information is listed for them then they are listed under either their father or mother. example: James Thomas Cowgill has 11 children only 1 of them is listed here as he is the only one I have information on.